BCS@Home Programs

BCS@Home offers four distinct programs with varied levels of parent and teacher involvement to suit the unique needs of each registered homeschool family. Families can choose either Traditional Home Education, or one of our three distance education options: Online Education, Print-Based Distance Education or Shared Responsibility. In Addition, to these core programs, students can enrol in the new BCS@Home Hybrid Program (Grades 1-6), or the BCS@Home Nature School (Grades 1-9). Both of these programs are exclusive to students registered with BCS@Home in one of the four core program options.

All students in all programs have access to field trips, special events and community classes through BCS@Home, and have the opportunity to join the extra-curricular programs of BCS such as sports, fine arts and clubs. This partnership with the campus community is one of the elements that sets BCS@Home apart from other homeschool boards, as it allows for homeschool students to become integrated into the community of the campus school.

In Traditional Home Education, parents are primarily responsible for the planning, instruction and assessment of their student’s education. A BCS@Home facilitator visits the family twice a year to report on the student’s learning and progress, and provides feedback and learning strategies to the parents. Alternatively, in Print-Based Distance Education (Grades 1-6) and Online Distance Education (Grades 7-12), certified BCS@Home teachers are primarily responsible for the planning, instruction and assessment of the student, either through print-based or online/virtual instruction and assessment methods. In this case, the parent assumes a tutor-like role, helping their students understand the classwork at home, while they receive instruction from their teachers online. Shared responsibility allows families to do some subjects through Traditional Home Education and some through Distance Education.

In September 2021, we launched our BCS@Home Hybrid Program for Grades 1-6, as well as our BCS@Home Nature School for Grades 1-9. The Hybrid Program allows families to Traditionally Home Educate their students in Math, LA and Social Studies, or to take Math, LA, and Social studies through the Print-Based Distance Education Program, while learning Science, Arts, PE and Bible from a BCS@Home teacher in a classroom once a week. The program has locations in both North and South Calgary. The BCS@Home Nature School is a once a week face-to-face outdoor learning program in partnership with Rediscover Play. This holistic approach to education meets many needs and learning styles, and helps to increase perseverance, resilience, self esteem and mental health in students. BCS@Home’s Nature School runs in three 11-week sessions throughout the year, with two age groups: the Bearcubs Group (Grades 1-5) on Tuesdays, and the Grizzlies Group (Grades 5-9) on Thursdays. The BCS@Home Nature school can be done in conjunction with Traditional Home Education, Shared Responsibility, Print-Based Distance Education, or Online Distance Education, and can be joined at any point in year by families who are registered with BCS@Home in one of those four core programs.

By offering a diverse selection of program options, we can better meet the needs of each of our families individually, and provide a network of support for them across our various platforms. We look forward to continued growth and development in our programs, and continue to value our relationship with BCS as one of the key factors that sets us apart from other homeschool boards as a campus-homeschool partnership.

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