Print-Based Distance Education

Along with Online Education, BCS@Home also offers distance education options in print-based form for families with students in elementary school. Print-Based Distance Education gives students in grades 1-6 the opportunity to have the flexibility of schooling at home, while still getting the external teaching and guidance from BCS@Home teachers. BCS@Home provides all of the curriculum and materials for the core courses and options, and BCS@Home teachers deliver recorded lessons to students to help guide them through the materials provided. Students also receive one-on-one instruction from their teachers once a week, to help ensure students are staying on track with the classwork and are engaged with the teacher.

While BCS@Home teachers are primarily responsible for course development and instructional delivery, parents act in the tutorial role to help their children as they work through the print-based materials. If students are interested in only some print-based courses instead of the full course load, they can choose the Shared Responsibility option for a blend of Traditional Home Education and Print-Based Distance Education courses.

Program Details

  • BCS@Home teachers are responsible for program planning, instruction and assessment, and parents act in a tutor-type role from home, guiding their elementary student through the materials as needed
  • Teacher–Student interaction will be print-based, online, face-to-face, or a combination, and students will know how and when to access their teachers
  • Learning outcomes, instruction and assessment will follow the Alberta Program of Studies
  • Regardless of grade or program, all students and families are invited to attend regularly scheduled field trips, events, activities, and more!
  • BCS@Home provides all curricular resources required for print based courses – There are few out-of-pocket expenses outside of household consumables.
  • No home education funding is available for full print-based students.
  • To support our high-quality teacher-directed programs, a program fee of $50 per student applies.
  • There is a $200 shipping fee for any families living outside of the Calgary area that wish to have Print Based materials shipped to them instead of picking them up. This fee will cover at the cost of shipping for the four pick-ups and returns throughout the year.
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