Celebrating our 2021 BCS@Home Grade 12 Grads

As we come to the end of this school year, some of our BCS@Home students are wrapping up their final high school adventures and graduating Grade 12! Below are the reflections, stories and memories from a few of the students who are graduating this year.


“I have been homeschooled from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Being homeschooled has provided me with the chance to be more connected and invested in my family, and the additional time to pursue my own interests has been so valuable. Because of homeschooling, I’ve been able to pursue my love for theatre through different homeschool theatre groups and local community theatre. I am thankful to my parents for trusting in their ability to educate me at home.

After graduating, I am going to take a year off and use the extra time to consider what I am interested in pursuing. In the meantime, I plan to resume acting by taking some classes with an actor’s studio and auditioning for a few theatre shows. Additionally, I hope to find some opportunities to travel during the next few years. While I may not know where God is leading me, I am confident in His faithfulness to keep His promises.”


“Denim has had an incredible 5 years as a student of BCS@home. He has grown immensely in his confidence and independence while at the same time pressing through some unique and difficult challenges. Denim’s favourite part of being home schooled was his freedom to help create a style of education that best fit his desire for “hands on” learning. Over the last several months, Denim has created some custom clothing that helped spread a much needed message of Hope in a time where so many folks were battling despair. His incredible heart for those less fortunate has always been a strong part of Denims character and his own personal health battle has given him an sincere and compassionate perspective for those facing their own life challenges.

Denim is not quite sure what the future holds and what he will eventually choose as a career path, but it is almost certain that whatever he settles on will involve helping improve the lives of people as he continues to run with resilience, steadfastness and a never-give-up attitude after the desires of his heart while at the same time leaving his mark on many that have the privilege to know him.”


“I never really felt lonely being a homeschooler because I had best friends around me all the time (My family). There were still days when I complained about being at home so much and wished for things in my life to be different. Something that my Mom would say on those days was, “There’s gonna be bad days but looking back you’ll mostly remember the good days.” And she was absolutely right. I don’t remember the reasons why it was a bad day or exactly why I wanted to change how things in my life were going, but I do remember the spontaneous road trips we took because we could, the times my family and I laughed and played together, and the little lessons that my parents taught us since we were around them so much.

Another good memory I have from being at home is the time I had to grow in my faith. Home was the place where I learned to fully trust Christ and give my life over to him. It’s where my relationship with Him started and grew as I asked questions, read the word and and started conversations with my parents about things I was struggling with. My future plans all depend on if God opens the doors, but my dream and goal is to get a Licensed practical nursing diploma at Three Hills Bible College next year, and I hope to work towards being a home care nurse. All people need the chance to accept Christ, so my hope is that while I’m a nurse, I’ll have the opportunity to remind patients that they are loved beyond compare and have a purpose given by The One who created them. Beyond that point, I have no clue where I will go. I know that if I make plans ahead, most of my plans, if not all of the plans I make will change. So I’m taking it one week at a time and trusting GOD to show me my next step.”


I am very thankful that I got to homeschool these past three years. I have had a lot more time to work towards my dreams and goals. God has blessed me with so many new opportunities and experiences. He has also blessed me with being able to meet some amazing people through this program.

I have so much that I want to do! I want to become a professional in showjumping, so in the next coming years I want to continue to grow and get better in the sport. I would love to start competing at a higher level and eventually run my own barn (God willing). I am going to get my diploma in equine studies, which I am very excited about. But most importantly, I want to walk in the purpose and way God has for me. I want God’s will to be done in my life. So really, I can’t be certain what I will do in the next coming years… only God knows. His plans are different from mine (but also better).


“Homeschooling has been SOO amazing for me! It has been one of the best decisions of my life. I loved doing school at home. Ever since I started in grade 10, a lot of wonderful things happened. First of all, I got so much closer to God and my family. I grew spiritually. When my family went through hardships I was able to be there to help them and go through it together. I also had more time to practice my art, which I absolutely love doing! Last year, God revealed His purpose to me, which was to start selling my watercolour floral paintings with bible verses on them! I decided to open up a small business on Instagram called @allforjesusart. The whole purpose of it is to glorify God and point others to Him, through my art. Due to homeschooling, I was able to have time for my small business. What I love about homeschool is that on family birthdays I was able to take a day off to celebrate and spend time with my family. I also appreciated being able to work at my own pace and have the flexibility to do school at what time of the day I wanted. A struggle has been having a lack of motivation for my schoolwork sometimes but all of the positive things about homeschooling far outweighed this one!

Now that I’m finishing high school, I am going to take a year off. I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit, getting a job, traveling, spending more time with God and my family, and focusing on my art ministry/ business! After my year off, I might go to university to become a kindergarten teacher or have any other career that involves working with children. I will see wherever God takes and leads me in this year off and beyond!”

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