Athletics, Music, Martial Arts and Multilingual Studies:

The creative and competitive spirit that drives 11-year-old Sophia’s incredible accomplishments

Piano, skiing, competitive swimming, and the arts are just the start of Sophia’s extensive creative resume. At 11 years old, she is now in her sixth year of ballet, martial arts and skiing, has raced in multiple swim competitions, speaks four languages at various levels, plays piano at a Grade 8 Royal Conservatory level, and enjoys public performances. For her parents, John and Mila Hayes, it was the flexibility of home education that first drew them to schooling from home, in hopes that Sophia could pursue her passions without her education suffering. 

“We really wanted Sophia to get more out of school than what they were offering,” says John. When a family friend told them about homeschooling their own daughter through Bearspaw Christian School, the couple decided to take action.

“I wanted to spend more time with my daughter,” Mila explains, “so we decided to give homeschooling a try.”

The switch to homeschooling opened doors for Sophia to pursue arts, athletics, music and even multiple languages. For John and Mila, the new flexibility with schedules, subjects and studying pace, the ability to experiment with the curriculum and the greater amount of time they could spend together as a family all contributed to what made homeschooling so attractive.

“I feel like I accomplish more things in one day than I would at school,” Sophia says. “During my breaks from school, I like to draw, make animations, sculpt polymer clay sculptures, and paint.”

Sophia speaks English, French and Russian, and she recently began learning Mandarin as well. When Sophia is not playing piano, skiing or dancing, she enjoys making animations on her digital drawing pad, reading, writing, building snow forts with friends and playing with her toys. 

– 30-

Written by Micah Jansen.

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